Jumpop – Product video

JumPop is a product of Herbert Richter, a company famous for their mobile stands and car accessories. The task was to show how versatile JumPop is, and how it can be used to hold / grip the phone as well as how to use it as a stand or attach it to other existing accessories.

I teamed up with Krisztian (https://www.behance.net/thrl) on this one. He created the basic assets for each scene and I textured / animated the elements. The shots were rendered out individually and then comped together. Each shot would have a camera transition that blended all together. There were quite a few tricks I had to apply to save on rendertimes but overall I’m happy with how it turned out eventually. For this project we used Octane with all its pros and cons.

ClientJumpopServicesConcept Development, Art Direction, Design, AnimationYear2018Linkmetrix.de

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