Simulation of a Nuclear Blast in a Major City – by Neil Halloran

Talking about bombs is not fun. When Neil approached me with his concept of this video, I was excited and a bit frustrated, since we were about to depict how millions of people would die from a possible nuclear explosion in a big city. But when learnt the video is going for the Norwegian Nobel Institution I felt humbled by the opportunity. Also, as a designer, I felt this could be a great opportunity to convey an important message in a powerful way.

The overall visual concept was laid down by Neil already, and so my main task was to develop it further and bring it to life. It was an awesome journey working together with such a great storyteller and I’m quite happy with the end result, although some of my favourite shots couldn’t make the final edit. I do have to note that I was only responsible for the 3D part of the video, so no 2D animations were done by me.

ClientNeil Halloran & The Norwegian Nobel InsituteServices3D Simulation and AnimationYear2020-21

Below is a gallery with some of the early concept images and a few cuts that didn’t make the final edit.

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